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Turkish Colla Wood polished collector slice 3/5/2018 01 - 6.5 x 5.7 inches - tapered 6 to 4.5 mm thick - This beautiful high grade slab of opalized wood comes from Turkey. It has copper secondary inclusions of chrysocolla, azurite, malachite and more. They called this material "colla" from the sky blue "chrysocolla" present in material from early digs. Today, very little of this wood has the gorgeous light blues present in this large, full cross section of a petrified log. This is an exceptionally rare, world class piece worthy of any collection. This slice is polished on both sides but there are a couple of places on one side that are hazy - hard to notice without tilting the slab around in good light. This slab also has shiny metallic hematite inclusions in the brown areas that look like wood. Here is a video clip to see the slab in motion: $1300.00 shipped to USA only - paypal

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