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Spider Web Obsidian sterling silver pendant 10/30/2018 01 - Happy Halloween / Samhain / Día de Muertos! 100% hand made by me. This spooky pendant is made in sterling silver with life sized black widow spider waiting patiently.... It has a rainbow patina with vivid, iridescent blues, reds and purples. I was going to make this a traditional patina but this is so pretty I had to go with the colors. The colors do not pick up as well for the camera as they do in real life - in person they really pop. The setting features an open back design to show both sides of the stone. I've added a photo (1st) taken with diffuse lighting to try to show the patina better.. still not quite like real life but better. This pendant measures approximately 2&1/4 inches or 57mm from top to bottom and is hallmarked ".925" sterling silver along with my maker's mark. Here's a video clip to see this pendant in motion: Chain not included. $349.00 shipped to USA - paypal SOLD