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Gilson Opal triplet fine silver "Möbius strip" infinity pendant 8/29 01 - Hand made by me. This beautiful pendant marks the 2nd piece of a re-boot of my jewelry production. The piece is fine silver (.999 pure) and gleams with a very bright, mirror like finish and sports a dazzling 10mm Gilson opal triplet. Gilson opal is a patented lab created gemstone that re-creates the natural formation of opal in a lab, using silica spheres but without the water molecule in natural opal. It takes about a year to grow and is both highly valuable and highly regarded for it's beauty as well as strength and stability. The pendant is about an inch and a half from top to bottom and is hallmarked ".999FS" fine silver. Chain not included. Here's a short video clip to see the pendant in motion: $160.00 shipped to USA - paypal

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