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Lapis Lazuli free form gem 4/8/2019 01 - 25 x 21 x 3.7 mm - 17 carats - Here is a classic deep blue free-form cut gem of Lapis Lazuli from the mountains of Afghanistan. The photos do a good job of showing this stone but in person it is a deeper, richer blue with lovely flecks of golden pyrite and just a tiny bit of white calcite. I've always had a thing for lapis.. The beautiful blue color comes from Sulfur, or to be more precise: the color comes from "the presence of the trisulfur radical anion (S3-) in the crystal". It's been a while since I've cut this unique stone that has been prized since antiquity and I hope to cut more soon. This cabochon has a beautiful low dome, girdled sides and a flat beveled back all with high gloss luster. Here is a video clip to see this stone in motion:  $55.00 shipped to USA - paypal

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