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Detroit Agate aka Fordite designer cab 2/4/2018 01 - 52 x 25 x 5.2 mm - 26 carats - This crazy colorful and wildly patterned... gem... is actually vintage car paint from before robot automation in automotive painting lines. The paint built up over time and was baked until hard. When it got too big it was broken off and mostly thrown away. But some got saved by creative crazy people like us. This is one of the largest and coolest of these cabs I've ever cut and I've cut a lot. The colors and patterns are extremely detailed and beautiful, the cab is cut to a designer drop shape - it has a medium rounded dome with generously girdled sides and a flat beveled back. A beautiful high gloss luster tops off this collectible cabochon.... Here is a video clip to see the cab in motion: $160.00 shipped to USA - paypal