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Opalized Turkish Colla Wood gem 9/8/2017 01 - 48 x 26 x 6.2 mm - 51 carats - This beautiful opalized wood comes from Turkey and has copper secondary inclusions of chrysocolla, azurite, malachite and more. They called this material "colla" from the sky blue chrysocolla present in the early digs. Today, very little of this wood has the gorgeous light blues present in this rare and world class piece. This gem was an absolute pleasure to cut and I couldn't be more happy with the finished stone. This cab also has shiny metallic hematite inclusions in the brown areas that look like wood. Cut to a designer drop shape, this cabochon has a beautifully rounded dome, generously girdled sides and a flat beveled back all with liquid high gloss luster. A world class, unique and very rare gem. Here is a video clip to see the stone in motion: $300.00 shipped to USA only - paypal

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