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Orpheus Agate designer gem 2/13/2017 01 - 61 x 27 x 5.6 mm - 58 carats - This rare agate comes from Kardzhali - Bulgaria. In 2004 the Agate exhibition in Munich found that Orpheus agate is unique in the world. It has layers of green seladonite and brown and yellow jasper with clear agate and on rare occasions it also has beautiful and colorful plumes within the agate. Bulgarians who found the stone named it after the mythical singer and musician Orpheus, who is said to have lived in Bulgaria. This large gem has the ultra rare plumes in nearly clear agate and is cut to a fancy designer paisley flame with a beautifully rounded dome, girdled sides and a flat beveled back all with high gloss luster. There is a druzy void that has green flecks in the crystals. I'm awestruck by the beauty in both the material and the cut of this stone. It's very satisfying when my work exceeds my expectations. Here is a video to see this one of a kind gem in motion: $250.00 shipped to USA - paypal

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