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Priday Plume agate designer gem 8/30/2016 01 - 48 x 31 x 4.1 mm - 40 carats - I love the unequaled beauty of classic old stock Priday Plume agate! This is likely the best Priday I've cut to date and I have cut a lot of them. Both sides of this designer cut cabochon show the classic colorful plumes that make this very rare material so highly desired. This elegant and distinctive stone has a beautifully rounded dome, girdled sides and a flat beveled back all with liquid high gloss luster. Near perfect in cut, surface and luster. I am extremely pleased with this stone. Certainly one of my very best. A top notch jewelry piece or a world class collector stone. Here is a video clip to see this cabochon in motion - if you like Priday it is a must see video and shows the excellent near flawless quality even better than the pictures do: $320.00 shipped to USA - paypal

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