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Gel Sugilite with Richterite designer gem 6/30/2016 01 - 38 x 22 x 3.4 mm - 25 carats - It's been a long time since I've cut sugilite. I bought rough many years ago and being the hoarder that I am, I still have a bit left. This is very high grade translucent gel sugilite with spots of divine blue Richterite that is even more rare than sugilite. I think this also has a small inclusion of rare orange stichtite (sp?) on the back. This nice sized gem has a very low dome, girdled sides and a flat beveled back all with the typical waxy / glossy luster of this extremely rare and beautiful material. I made a video clip to show this stone in motion here: $200.00 shipped to USA - paypal

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