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Aguas Calientes fire agate gem 12/5/2015 03 - 31 x 24 x 6.9 mm - 34 carats. Fire agate is one of the first of my lapidary loves. I've always been fascinated with it's unique layers of fire caused by micro thin deposits of limonite in the boytroidal (bubbly) chalcedony as they formed. I think fire agate is easily as beautiful as opal and sometimes even more beautiful. This large freeform cab is beautifully contour domed and follows the layers of fire in the curves. It has nearly full spectrum peacock purple fire in outstanding bubbly patterns with super high gloss luster. You must see this stone in motion to appreciate it so I put a video on YouTube here: The video is pretty good but the stone is even more beautiful in person. $200.00 shipped to USA - paypal

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