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Tiffany Stone, aka Bertrandite, Opal Fluorite gem 11/27/2015 01 - 38 x 29 x 8.8 mm - 66 carats - This is a very special stone that I got rough from Salem Thompson many years ago, thanks Salem. I have been saving it for a long time and finally decided to finish it into a gem and boy, was I glad I did. This is one of the best tiffany gems I've cut to date. It is comprised of near clear quartz filled with breccia of purple and cream colored opal. The material is world class and the cut is excellent and as flawless as Tiffany gets. This cabochon is also domed very high on the first side and beautifully low domed on the other since both sides are equally beautiful. A reversible pendant setting would be highly appropriate and this would certainly make a world class collector stone. $420.00 shipped to USA - paypal SOLD