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Calandria Agate designer gem 11/21/2015 01 - 62 x 26 x 4.5 mm - 47 carats - I couldn't sleep so I got up and cut a cab. I don't know much about this agate but I got it from Sue Gallagher and she says it comes from Mexico. This cab was made with patience and took almost 2 hours. She was cut from nearly the whole pattern of a flawless nodule with golden yellow colors around the outer layers, creamy pastel banding and a distinctive yet subtle lavender center. The colors are just fabulous. She also has some nice parallax (shadow) effect in the banding on both sides and the icing is that beautiful feathery plume bursting into the middle of this big, near flawless designer cut gem. She is even more translucent and gemmy in hand. She will make a fantastic pendant or collector stone. Beautifully rounded low dome, girdled sides and a flat beveled back, all with liquid high gloss luster. I am extremely pleased with this stone and I hope you like it too. I have officially named this cabochon "Lilith". Here is a video to see her in motion: $225.00 shipped to USA - paypal

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