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Death Valley / Wingate plume agate Designer Gem set 8/3/2015 01 - Pendant stone: 49 x 17 x 5.7 mm - 31 carats + Earring stones: 29 x 14 x 2.5 mm each - 18 carats total - Beautiful Wingate Pass / Death Valley Plume Agate. Very Rare agate from Death Valley found in the area that is now China Lake Military reserve bombing range so no more digging. Dug back in the 60's you'll be very lucky to get any of this amazing agate these days and when you find it, it's expensive to say the least. This material is notorious for cavities, soft spots and flaws but these cabs are unusually low on these and outstandingly beautiful. There are still some cavities and undercutting but far less than most Wingate agate. This stunning prize set is an extremely rare find - look around... These stones will make extremely desirable jewelry for someone very special. High domed front, girdled sides and flat beveled back on the pendant stone and very low, near flat domes, girdled sides and beveled flat backs on the earring stones. $420.00 shipped to USA - paypal

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