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Domestic shipping options

International shipping options

Registered Mail add-on: $12.00
 plus basic shipping - for international or domestic shipping on high value items under 4 pounds

For Domestic shipping, anything small under 13 ounces (bubble pack), or up to what will fit in a small flat rate box is covered in the $6.00 option. Larger orders or items require the $12.00 medium flat rate box option.
If in doubt email me first or choose the larger option and I'll refund any difference.

For International shipping the small or medium flat rate boxes cover up to $100.00 value. Anything higher value that is under 4 pounds should be sent registered mail so add that option if it applies. For complex orders email me first and I'll get back to you with a quote or invoice.

All customers: when in doubt choose the larger option and I'll refund any difference in shipping cost.

Also, if you're buying several large items add more than one medium flat rate box if needed.

USA Customer payment options: Payments by paypal or money orders. If I know you, you can even pay by personal check. Cash payments will also be accepted at your risk. email me with the items you want to purchase and I'll mark them sold and send you an invoice with my address to send your payment.

International Customer payment options: Payments by paypal or postal money orders only.

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Hello, I'm Skye.
I've been doing this for over 10 years. Tiffany Stone is my specialty but I'm also into just about anything that is totally awesome. After cutting cabs for a long time I think I've gotten pretty good at it - at least sometimes I seem to really cut some world class cabs. The past few years I have neglected my website in favor of ebay and over the years things have gotten difficult there. One of the many issues is the problem of selling to international customers. Another is the constant increases in selling fees and the decline of customers and even viewers. Also, the problem of ebay only allowing payment by paypal. Paypal is ok, but I used to sell to many customers who only pay by money orders, checks or even cash. The latest issue is by Oct. 1st ebay will not allow even my email to be listed in my auctions doing their best to cut sellers off from the customers. I'm not currently able to make a living on ebay and it looks like it will only get worse. This Anti-Auction sale will hopefully allow a better experience for both me and you.

I'm in the process of putting my cab picture archives up so you can see my past work.
Just check out the Gallery Page HERE. It's a lot of stuff - it's not finished or very well organized yet - but some of it is pretty cool. I will also be adding new display and collection pieces from my personal collection over time several will be up in a day or two. Unlike some people, I pretty much don't keep a serious personal collection and pretty much everything you see (if I still have it) on this website can be purchased at the right price. However, I've got a bunch of stashed pieces that haven't seen the light of day for many years and I am now polishing some of the select pieces and getting them ready to display in the Gallery and some will possibly be offered for sale on this site. If you're looking at something you really like and I haven't priced it, that means I'm not in a hurry to part with it and it's fairly valuable to me - sooo you'll have to go big... or have a very serious trade to offer. Yes, I will trade if you've got something I might want.

Have an awesome day! :)


 ~ Skye