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Finland Spectrolite in Sterling Silver - Hand Made Jewelry by Skye
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Spectrolite gem Sterling Silver pendant 11/14/12 01 - Outstanding Designer Cut Gem cab with SUPER MULTI + Fire! Oriented to Flash perfectly for pendant in position shown above. The setting is tumble polished for a hard gleaming finish. Top Quality. AAA+
about 2 1/4+ inches long including bail
$130.00 insured domestic (USA) shipping included

You are bidding on 1 Finland Spectrolite in Sterling Silver pendant hand made by Skye
Spectrolite is a very high grade of dark based labradorite found only in Finland. The name "Spectrolite" is a trade name given to this material by the Finns, and only this material can truly be called Spectrolite.
The vast majority of Labradorite that one sees commercially now is from Madagascar. While this material is often very beautiful, it is usually translucent and generally shows a lot of pitting and fractures, although I have found some to be very good quality. The Finnish material is dense, dark black, and much more consistent. It is also much more beautiful. I just received an import directly from Finland of the most extraordinary Spectrolite gem material I have ever seen. I am simply in love with it. It has been very difficult to find material of any quality let alone the "jaw dropping" beauty of this material. Blue, Red, Green, Gold, and PURPLE! How often have you seen Purple Fire in Spectrolite? Don't let these gems slip by. Also, if you have not seen spectrolite before, please understand it's fire is very directional and dependant on light.