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Australian Opal in Glass Pendant Vial
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Opal in Pendant Vial 9/10 - 01 - This is an Outstanding - Extremely Bright and flashy opal filled vial - I took some time to get this one as nice as I could. Made with 1 extremely beautiful Lightning Ridge Fields super bright semi-crystal opal chip with brilliant electric multi color fire! You will Love this little beauty. EVEN BETTER THAN THE PICTURES! This is the actual piece you will receive. - $48.00 SOLD

Beautiful glass pendant vials with high quality Australian Opal chips suspended in water. Each vial is unique and care is taken to make sure they all have excellent fire. The chips are taken from my cutting scraps and are all of very high grade Australian Opal. These beautiful pendant vials will make an excellent gift for that special person in your life.

The vials are approximately 28 x 7 mm (or just over and inch by a quarter inch) with a 1/8th inch hole for a chain, chord or loop (not included). The cap is silver plated, and is attached with a poly stopper and a special glue that stays sticky so you can carefully open and replenish the water should it evaporate over time.

Metaphysical: Opal is believed to symbolize confidence, purity and serenity. Some believe it can be used to reach the highest spiritual level and increase internal vision. In English speaking countries, opal is considered to bring good luck.