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Australian Opal - Lightning Ridge Fields
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Lightning Ridge Opal 11/21 - 02 - Extremely Beautiful Top Grade Gem, Crystal Opal with Super Bright Multi Color Fire. This one is absolutely jaw dropping gorgeous. You could look and look and never find an opal more beautiful. It is even Better and brighter fire than the pictures show. What else can I say, this one is the one you've been searching for. Money back if not delighted.
11 x 8 x 3.2 mm - 1.7 carat
- $500.00

Beautiful Black Opal From The world Famous Lightning Ridge fields in Australia. This is a solid opal cabochon from Lightning Ridge. Historically the highest priced opal and most desirable opal in the world.

Metaphysical: Opal is believed to symbolize confidence, purity and serenity. Some believe it can be used to reach the highest spiritual level and increase internal vision. In English speaking countries, opal is considered to bring good luck.