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Morrisonite - Oregon
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Morrisonite cab 3/14 - 01 - Super Nice Designer Cut Picture Stone. Outstanding Colors and patterns - Better color and much more green in person - AAA+
x 22 x 5.3 mm - 39 carat - $39.00

You are bidding on Morrisonite, King of Jaspers from Oregon
Morrisonite jasper, is among the most rare and beautiful materials in the world. It was first discovered in the sixties, on the Morrison Ranch in Oregon. There is a rumor on the net that this ranch was once owned by the late Jim Morrison, singer of the rock group The Doors but it is not true. The owners name was Jim Morrison but he was not a "rock" star. This area has now been set aside as protected wilderness area by the Wild Rivers Act and and is now closed to both mining and collecting. Morrisonite is considered by many to be "THE KING" of Jaspers. This coveted stone is going up in price very quickly and is less and less available. Get it while you can. GOOD LUCK!

This is the Real James Morison
Thanks Philip-

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