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Covellite / Covelline - Peru
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Covellite cab 3/14 - 01 - Beautiful Blue and Gold - Super Rare Gem cab. It's so reflective it's hard to get a picture without dark areas. Top Notch - Even Better in person. Polished both sides - last pic shows the back. AAA+
36 x 19 x 4 mm - 31 carat - $69.00

Beautiful and Rare metallic blue Covellite from Peru. This material is very rare and expensive as well as Extremely Beautiful. I've been wanting to cut it for years and I was not disappointed. I love it.

From Melody's book, LOVE IS IN THE EARTH: "Covellite Has been used successfully to stimulate the third-eye and to initiate psychic power.  It enhances ones communication skills and stimulates a positive outlook; it encourages verbalization of that which is positive.  It can assist in transforming conscious “dreams” into realities, allowing one to maintain humility of spirit and to recognize that energy, properly directed and understood, can bring “miracles” to ones life."