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cab_agate-plume-priday11-9_02-01.jpg cab_agate-plume-priday11-9_02-02.jpg cab_agate-plume-priday11-9_02-03.jpg cab_agate-plume-priday11-9_02-04.jpg cab_agate-plume-priday11-9_02-05.jpg cab_agate-plume-priday11-9_02-06.jpg cab_agate-plume-priday11-9_02-07.jpg cab_agate-plume-priday11-9_02-08.jpg cab_agate-plume-priday11-9_02-09.jpg cab_agate-plume-priday11-9_02-10.jpg
Priday Thunder Egg - Oregon
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Priday Plume cab 11/9 - 02 - Big, Outstanding, Double sided Gem with outstanding pink plumes, opal and agate. Shown and Polished both sides - SUPER. You won't see another like this. AAA+++
44 x 26 x 4 mm - 31.6 carat -

Priday Plume Thunder Egg. This is OLD STOCK material. I recently bought a parcel of old rough and slabs form the old Priday plume beds that have long ago been dug out. Very rare material. Get it while you can.