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Coyamito Agate - Mexico
Coyamito Agate cab 8/14 - 01 - Large Outstanding Deep Red and Bright Yellow Designer Cut Gem Cab. This is by far the best to date of my Coyamito cabs. Nearly flawless front and back - last picture shows the back. Super luster and vivid colors to die for. Extremely nice collector piece or a stunning pendant stone. You won't find a better example of how beautiful this agate can be. One in a million. AAA++
x 27 x 4.4 mm - 41 carat - $150.00

You are bidding on Beautiful Coyamito Agate. A Relative of the Laguna Agate - these come from a Ranch in Mexico about 40 miles from the famous Laguna agate mines. These have already become very sought after by collectors and they come in a dizzying array of colors and patterns sometimes with pseudomorphs, crystals and sometimes the illusive iris agate. They are quite expensive and there is a rumor the price is going up by next year. Wonderful agates - I love them.