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cab_agate-montana-iris1-30_01-06.JPG cab_agate-montana-iris1-30_01-16.JPG cab_agate-montana-iris1-30_01-01.jpg cab_agate-montana-iris1-30_01-02.jpg cab_agate-montana-iris1-30_01-08.JPG cab_agate-montana-iris1-30_01-03.JPG cab_agate-montana-iris1-30_01-04.JPG cab_agate-montana-iris1-30_01-05.JPG cab_agate-montana-iris1-30_01-07.JPG cab_agate-montana-iris1-30_01-09.JPG cab_agate-montana-iris1-30_01-10.JPG cab_agate-montana-iris1-30_01-11.JPG cab_agate-montana-iris1-30_01-12.JPG cab_agate-montana-iris1-30_01-13.JPG cab_agate-montana-iris1-30_01-14.JPG cab_agate-montana-iris1-30_01-15.JPG cab_agate-montana-iris1-30_01-17.JPG cab_agate-montana-iris1-30_01-18.JPG cab_agate-montana-iris1-30_01-19.JPG cab_agate-montana-iris1-30_01-20.JPG cab_agate-montana-iris1-30_01-21.JPG cab_agate-montana-iris1-30_01-22.JPG
Classic Montana Agate - USA
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Montana Iris Agate cab 1/30 - 01 - Beautiful Large Designer Gem Cab cut from the ULTRA-RARE Montana RAINBOW IRIS Agate. You won't see many of these. This one has a broad band of rainbow iris - even rainbow shaped - with every color in the spectrum. The Rainbow Area is Very thick and extremely bright. It is not difficult to get it to show even in artificial light. In sunlight it is spectacular. Rainbow Iris is very rare in Montana agate. Only about 1 in 50 (or less) that show signs of Iris will actually Rainbow. This Gem also has the wonderful moss and plume inclusions so popular in Montana agate. This will make an outstanding collector display or perhaps a creative piece of one-of-a-kind jewelry. Very hard to photograph but the pictures give an excellent idea what it looks like in person. Polished both sides. You won't be disappointed with this one. Collected over 15 years ago this is old stock material. AAA+
47 x 19 x 4.4
mm - 49.1 carat - $150.00

Beautiful Montana Agate. This is the very popular Montana Agate. It is a new material for me. Very Pretty material with with beautiful patterns and transparency. Super nice stuff. I'm sure you'll enjoy it.